Catering Policies

Catering Policy


Initial Consult
After I am contacted to provide cooking services for an event. I will provide a quote. If you agree with the quote, the next order of operations is an in-home consult. During this time we will discuss the event and all its details, including but not limited to event type, times, date(s), menu, guests, special diets, etc.

Guest Count

Guest count must be finalized no later than _________.
Allergies, Special diets etc.
I must be notified of any allergies or dietary restriction along with the guest count and no later than______________ Dietary restrictions and Allergies will be discussed at the Initial Consult and many will be planned accordingly.
Date Reservation Fee/Deposit:
Event greater than 40 people, require a 50% Chef fee deposit no later than _____________ via, Check or Cash to secure the date (s) and time(s). The remaining 50% of the Chef’s fee is due at the end of the event via Cash or Check. If chef works beyond the initial hours discussed the final chef fee will reflect the additional charges. For Smaller events(less than 40 people), the Chef will be paid in full at the end of the event. Gratuity is not included in Chef fee. Gratuity is not necessary but is greatly appreciated.
Deposit Guarantees & Cancellations:
Cancellations made After ____________ will be charged 50% of the total chef fee for the duration of the event, including time that was discussed for preparation of ingredients. 
Inclement Weather Policy
In the extremely rare event the catering is cancelled due to adverse weather, or the threat of impending inclement weather, the client must notify me 48 hours in advance. If client does not notify me there will be a 50% charge of the total chef’s fee. All other scenarios will be covered by the general cancellation policy.
Final Bill Presentation and Payment:
All services will be reflected on an invoice. If paying by Check, please make check out to Tansey White. Any checks that bounce, a 35$ fee will be charge to the client. If paying by Cash, client will receive a receipt for all transactions.
Menu Selection
Menu selection must be completed by ______________. Custom or extensive menus require confirmation by___________. I will work with you to accommodate last minute changes or requests, but I cannot guarantee that I will always be able to do so.
Depending on menu, some foods may need to be made in advance.  If so it will be at an additional hourly rate and must be discussed before time.
Parties and events for more than 15 guests require 1 additional staff to assist the chef. One assistant to every 15 guests. Any additional rates will be discussed and finalized prior to the event.
If Chef is doing the shopping
I will pick up payment for groceries from you at an agreed upon time and location. I will head to the store of your choice and purchase foods according to your specifications (organic, free range, no preference, local etc.) If initial payment for groceries does not cover the cost of groceries. I will pay for it with my money and the balance will be reflected on the Invoice, which will be payable by the client.
If Client is doing the shopping
If client wishes to purchase grocery by him or herself, this is absolutely fine, We will discuss In advance.
The Chef does not provide Alcohol or Liquor. All Alcohol and Liquor must be provided by the Client.
Role of Chef
·      I will provide all cooking services according to your desired specifications. Please have the area/s that I will be using, cleaned and ready for me to use when I come in. I ask that you please provide space for me to set up and store ingredients.
·      If you need my assistance in helping set-up, serve etc. Please feel free to let me know before the day of the event.
·      Guests are allowed to watch and ask questions, but please have them refrain from creating too many distractions.
·      If you have any young children or pets, I ask that you please keep them out of the kitchen while cooking is being done. To insure safety of us all.
·      As part of the Service, the Chef is responsible for cleaning the areas used by the Chef (i.e. the Kitchen, grilling area, Station etc.)
Tableware, serving ware etc.
Tableware, serving ware, platters, heating ware, plastic ware, paper ware and other serving ware and decorations are provided by the client. If you need help in picking out or purchasing, I am available in helping you choose. If rentals or disposable table & serving ware are needed, this will also be discussed in advance.
Service Guarantee:
My vision is your vision and my goal is to make sure you and your guests are happy and well taken care of. I Provide only the best services to you.
-Tansey White
Please contact me at ______________, 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. or email (___________) at any time and I will get back to you within 24 hrs. All events must be booked and finalized by 11:59 pm, ____________ I will do my best to accommodate any last minute needs but I cannot guarantee all special requests.



The policies, regulations, procedures, and fees in this policy are subject to change without prior notice, if necessary.