Kitchen Services

Kitchen Services


Along with Personal Chef, Event Services and Teaching services, I also provide a wide range of other food and Kitchen related services.


FOH services:

Do you need someone to round out your staff or add an extra touch to your event like an Omelet station or Crepe station, then this service is perfect for you. I am available as a: Hostess, Barista, Server, Wine/Beer server, Dishwasher, BBQ Chef,  Sous chef, Kitchen assistant, and Station cook.

Private Cooking lessons:

Cooking lessons are provided to you or to a group in the comfort of your home or rented space. I can teach you how to prepare a variety of foods using many techniques…Contact me for more information.


Do you want to learn how to create your favourite dish? Want new ideas on how to use different foods? Then a demo would be perfect for you.

Food Photography:

Perfect for Social Media, Menus, Websites, showcasing ingredients, and small business.

Culinary Tours and Teaching:

Have you ever been to a Farmers’ Market and wanted to know how to create dishes from all those beautiful produce? Do you visit the grocery store and need a little help and advice? Then try my Culinary Tour and Teaching class.

Kitchen Clean out and Pantry Upgrade

Is perfect for anyone who has pantries, refrigerators, cupboards etc. with ingredients and foods that they have never used or don’t know how to use. With this service. We will go through your your ingredients and I will teach you how to prepare dishes using those ingredients. I will organize your storage while giving it a fresh new look

Personal Grocery Shopper:

This services is for anyone who, enjoys cooking but doesn’t have the time to go to the store or you really do not enjoy going to the store, standing in line and then taking all your bags home.

Recipe testing:

This service is for anyone who has an idea for a recipe or have a recipe already but doesn’t have the time or the patience to test it out.


Do you Love to cook and tired of buying canned, bottled or frozen foods, like: stocks, spice blends, compound butters, flavoured oils, dressings etc.. Then this service is for you. I’ll come in and create a variety of base foods that you can use as a starting point to build your delicious dishes with.

Baked Goods:

Do you love baked goods but don’t have the time to make them, then let me create them for you.Choose from a variety of Muffins, Biscuits, Scones, Brownies and more…Ask about our Seasonal flavors.

Film Cook:

This option is perfect if you are making a movie with a small cast and you need someone to cook for you and your group. You provide the kitchen and groceries and I will come in and prepare delicious foods for you and your staff.